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Advanced Authentication - Challenge Questions replaced with Token Based Authentication


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  I am logging in from a dispatch workstation within a criminal justice agency or police vehicle.
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SECURITY WARNING: You are entering the Wisconsin Department of Justice TIME System. By logging in, you acknowledge that you will comply with all federal laws, state laws and regulations related to the TIME System. Unauthorized access is prohibited and may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties. System usage may be monitored, recorded and subject to audit. Use of the system indicates consent to monitoring and recording of your transactions.

Use of the TIME System from publicly accessible computers is prohibited. This would include but are not limited to: hotel business center computers, convention center computers, public library computers, public kiosk computers, etc. No individual may use the TIME System without the authorization of a criminal justice agency. All personnel accessing the TIME System must be trained in the operation of equipment, system policies and procedures. Initial training must occur within six months of employment or assignment to a position with TIME System access. TIME System users must be recertified every two years for continue use of the system.

All transactions sent must deal with authorized criminal justice and law enforcement matters. Data stored in computerized central repositories (data files) which are part of the TIME System must be protected from unauthorized access. Data stored in the Crime Information Bureau TIME System and the NCIC Files is documented law enforcement information. Therefore, entry and access to all computerized law enforcement information must be restricted to authorized law enforcement / criminal justice agencies.