FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can't find what you're looking for? Take a look at this list of frequently asked questions. If you still need help, click here , and send us an e-mail with your questions. Please note that text underlined in black as links are not active in this document.

Accessing the eTIME Browser Transactions Available
Accessing Wilenet Data Services
Logging In Day/Night
How do I register for the eTIME Browser? ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition)
How do I register for TRAIN? Open Search
Passwords Images
Browsers Miscellaneous
Search Criteria Future Enhancements
DNR Advanced Search  

Accessing the eTIME Browser

Access the eTIME browser at https://etime.widoj.gov/ - Click on the topic "How do I access the eTIME browser?"

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Accessing Wilenet


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Logging In

I have a Wilenet User Name and password, but still can't log in to the eTIME browser .

Access to the eTIME browser requires a separate registration and authorization. You will get a different user name and password for eTIME browser use.

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How do I register for the eTIME Browser?

Before you register for the eTIME browser, you must be a user on the TRAIN System and have completed the eTIME Operator On-Line Agreement in TRAIN (contact your agency's TRAIN Administrator to get you registered for this Agreement). Once you complete this Agreement, you need to wait approximately one hour for the training database to synchronize. The eTIME Operator On-Line Agreement must be completed before you register.

After one hour, to register for the eTIME browser, log in to Wilenet and click on eTIME in the menu bar and then click on "Register".

Fill out the registration form and click on "Submit". Receipt of registration is not an automatic confirmation. An email will be sent to you within 3 business days regarding your activation and eTIME browser password.

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How do I register for TRAIN (the TIME training database)?

Individuals who have attended TIME System training have already been entered into TRAIN; there is not a separate TRAIN registration procedure. Your local agency TRAIN Administrator notifies CIB to add new users to agency rosters. For more information on TRAIN, go to https://wilenet.widoj.gov and click on the TRAIN link.

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I forgot my eTIME browser (Justice Directory) password.

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to obtain a new password. The eTIME Administrator cannot see your password or assign you a new password. Go to the eTIME browser log in page; click on "Forgot Your Password?" link and follow the instructions. You will need to enter your eTIME User ID and correctly answer the Challenge Question(s).

My password expired, what do I do?

Your password is set to automatically expire 60 days from the date it was assigned. You will begin receiving a "reminder" message 10 days before it expires similar to this:

"Your password is set to expire on [date].  Click here to get a new password."

If you do not change your password prior to it expiring, you will be required to change the password at your next login.

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Can the browser 'Back' button be used?


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Search Criteria

The eTIME browser does not perform any searches differently from the TIME System today. Therefore, the eTIME browser will produce the same responses but in a different format.

The following are search parameters.

Person Search Techniques
CIB Soundex on Last Name and First Name
Exact match on Sex
Date of birth plus or minus three years
NCIC Soundex on Last Name
Exact match on Sex
Exact match on month, day and year of birth
If W Race code is used, will search all races except
B, if B race code is used will search all races
ecept W
NOTE: The use of Expanded Name Search, Expanded Date of Birth Search and Related Search Hits may result in additional search results
DOT Convert the Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Date of Birth to the Driver's License Number. Search is conducted on the first three segments of the Driver's License Number.
DNR Exact match on last name, first name and date of birth.
DOC Soundex on Last Name and First Name
Exact match on Sex
Date of birth plus or minus one year
DOC number is only searched in the DOC files.
Vehicle Search Techniques
Query on:  License Plate: ABC123/WI//PC
NCIC Search on License Plate Number and State of Registration
Alpha "O" converted to numeric "0".
NOTE: Query the first eight characters for plates containing more than eight characters
CIB Search on License Plate Number.
Alpha "O" converted to numeric "0".
DOT Exact match on License Plate Number and Plate Type Expiration Date will count when the Base Plate changes
Query on:  VIN # 1G1AW27K8BR423759
NCIC Exact match on the last 8 characters.
Alpha "O" converted to numeric "0".
If only the last 8 characters match, a caveat will appear above the record, stating:
CIB Exact Match
NCIC Exact Match

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Transactions Available

Person, vehicle, part, gun, article, and security queries of the Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) hot files.

In addition the following data services are also available:

Criminal History:

  • Summary record query to the Wisconsin Criminal History database which will return a rap sheet in a condensed format.
  • Identification segment and full record queries to the Wisconsin Criminal History database which will return rap sheets that follow the National standard.
  • Identification segment and full record queries to another state or Canada (NLETS).


  • Drivers summary and full record query to another state, NLETS Region or Canada.
  • Vehicle query to another state, NLETS Region or Canada using VIN and plate number.

Wisconsin DOT:

  • Vehicle query using VIN and plate number.
  • Drivers full query.
  • Open Search.
  • Driver photo by name/s/r/dob, DL number or unique image number.


  • Person search for License, Registration by name/s/r/dob, DNR number, tag number, or social security number.
  • Vehicle search for snowmobile, ATV/UTV and Off Highway Motorcycle by registration number, VIN, serial number or owner applied number.


  • Probation/Parole record.
  • Sex Offender record.
  • Image retrieval

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Data Services

What data services are available in the eTIME browser?


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If the Day/Night setting is activated, the eTIME browser screen background color will become black, allowing for easier and more secure viewing of screens and information in low light conditions.

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Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

The ALPR extract is available through the eTIME browser to authorized users. An ALPR automatically reads license plates and compares them to data files to determine if the license plate matches a license plate in the data base. The available CIB database extracts for ALPR include NCIC hot files, CIB hot files and Wisconsin DOT vehicle registration data. Any agency that requests this extract file must first sign an ALPR Agreement with CIB prior to participation. Requests for this access can be emailed to: cibtrain@doj.state.wi.us

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Open Search

Once you have eTIME browser access, your agency must have requested Open Search authority for each specific user. Not all eTIME browser users have Open Search access.


Searchable fields

Plate Number OR Name OR Business Name

You can search by partial plate number, or by first/last name, or by business name, but you cannot search on any combination of these 3 categories.

City OR Kept in County and Vehicle Year/Make/Model

You can search by a city or county the vehicle is kept in if you also have at least one of Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make or Vehicle Model. City or County may not be searched alone. Vehicle Make and Vehicle Model must match DOT's codes.

Plate Number OR Name OR Business Name and City OR Kept in County

To further refine your search, City or Kept in County may be added to the Plate Number or Name or Business Name search above.

Plate Number OR Name OR Business Name and City OR Kept in County and Vehicle Year/Make/Model

To further refine your search, City or Kept in County and one of Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make or Vehicle Model may be added to the Plate Number or Name or Business Name search above.


A search of a partial license plate number will return owner, driver, and/or lessee information. At this time only one lessee is being returned. A search by name returns all vehicles registered to an individual or business.

No matter what is queried, the maximum number of hits returned is 200. If there are more than 200 hits, a warning message and the first 200 hits will be returned. If your search returns more than 200 hits, this may require you to perform multiple inquiries to obtain all desired information

There is an option to download your results into either a text delimited file or an xml file. You can convert a text delimited file into Excel, which will allow you to sort your results.

The Vehicle Open Search query searches against a copy of the DOT registration database that is updated daily. When you click on the license plate or VIN number in the response, you initiate a regular TIME System query that returns the most up-to-date information stored at DOT.

How to do a Vehicle Open Search Query

Log in to the eTIME browser and click "Vehicle Search;" then on the Vehicle Search page, click "Open Search." This will bring up the Vehicle Open Search form.

DRIVER OPEN SEARCH - Searchable fields are name, plus 1 of the following:

  • DOB
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Street Address
  • City
  • County
  • Zip Code

Search Criteria


  • Last & First Name required
  • No wild cards
  • DOT name coding is used
DOB Exact Match
Age Plus or minus 1 year
Sex Exact Match

Street Address

  • Search string exact match
    "Martin" will return "Martin Street", "Martin Avenue", and "Martin Luther King"


  • Exact Match
  • Must be a valid city


  • Exact Match
  • Must be a valid county
Zip Code Exact Match


  • A maximum of 50 results are returned. This may require the user to perform multiple inquiries to obtain desired information.
  • The Driver Open Search query searches against live DOT data.

How to do a Driver Open Search Query

Log in to the eTIME browser and click "Person Search;" then on the Person Search page, click "Open Search." This will bring up the Driver Open Search query form. Once you have eTIME browser access your agency must have requested Open Search authority for each specific user. Not all eTIME Browser users have Open Search access.

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On the search screen there is an "include Images checkbox" located at the top of the field list. Checking this indicator is per transaction and is not specific to a data service. If an image is available, on the summary response page you will see a camera icon to the right of the response. Not all states send images and not all NCIC records have associated images. If a WI driver's license photo is requested, purpose code and attention line information must be included. The only allowed purpose code for WI driver's license photo requests is C, Criminal justice and law enforcement investigation.

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What is the enrollment process when I first log in to the eTIME browser?

Advanced authentication requires each user to ‘enroll' at their first login. eTIME browser users will answer a set of 7 challenge questions presented in 7 random categories with 5 questions per category to select from. Challenge question answers will allow alpha/numeric characters and spaces only, and cannot use "select one" as a question. Challenge question answers will be case insensitive but otherwise exact matches. These questions and answers will be stored in your user profile.*

If a user cannot remember his/her password and this is the user's first time attempting to login, the user you will not be able to get through the enrollment process. Contact the TIME System Control Center (TSCC) at 608/266-7633 (24x7) and they will assist you. For those users who have simply forgotten their password or it has expired, click on the Forgot Your Password? (must enter a valid user ID) and follow the prompts.

*The user profile will also store information regarding your registered workstation(s) and your normal behavior (time of day, day of week and location of access). The eTIME browser log in page includes a ‘register this device' option. By clicking this checkbox it will add this workstation to your profile. Only register workstations that are within your secure facility or in a police vehicle. The advanced authentication will detect if a user is attempting access from an unregistered workstation or outside one's normal behavior and if such is the case, the user will be challenged with one or more of their challenge questions before they can proceed.

Can I restrict employee access to certain eTIME browser transactions or data services?

Yes. CIB can restrict data service or message key by agency or user.

I am an authorized eTIME browser user, but now I get a message that states "not certified to run requested transaction." What does this mean?

Upon logging on, a user's identity, a user's permission to access the system, and their certification status is verified. If one's TIME system certification is expired, they will not be allowed to run eTIME browser transactions. You will need to contact your agency's TRAIN Administrator to register you for the appropriate TIME System training or recertification training.

What is a PIN number?

It is a unique 4 digit number you designate to uniquely identify you. This allows TSCC and CIB verification that a user is who they claim to be should they forget their challenge question answer.

Can upper/lower case be used to submit searches?

Case doesn't matter when entering the search criteria.

Can the 'Enter' key be used to submit searches?

Enter can be used, but the cursor must be outside of a field. Click on white space, then press Enter. The only exception to this is the Quick Search screen.

Are the last 24 hours of requests just mine or everyone's?

Just yours.

How can I learn to use the Quick Search format?

Click "Help" or "Advanced Search" to see the instructions.

How can I tell if people are using the eTIME browser from home or other off-site locations for personal use?

Each agency is responsible for developing and enforcing policies on the use of the eTIME browser. All eTIME browser transactions are logged in the same way that TIME transactions are logged. Agency administrators may request a "message recall" if they want to review transactions submitted by their employees. Requests can be made by completing the Message Recall Request Form (available online at http://www.doj.state.wi.us/dles/cib/crime-information-bureau). The form may be faxed to 608/267-1338 or mailed to: Crime Information Bureau, P.O. Box 2718, Madison, WI 53701-2718. Please include an email address or fax number on each request so results may be emailed or faxed back to your agency.

Why do the response screens come up so slowly?

The eTIME browser uses 128 bit encryption to encode and decode the data going over the Internet. The software used to present the response screens, combined with encryption slow down the response. While both the encryption and software slow down response time, they enable us to meet Federal security requirements and provide a solid base for expanding the eTIME browser's functionality in the future. As internet and processor speed increases, this will become less problematic in the future.

Is there a session time out?

The log in page of the eTIME browser allows the user to check the box next to "I am logging in from a criminal justice agency or police vehicle" and the inactivity timer will be extended to 4 hours from the current 30 minutes. All eTIME browser users are reminded, however, that their department's computer network or internet service provider may have a more restrictive timer setting, causing their session to end before the 4 hour inactivity time. If your sessions end prematurely, check with your IT professional to determine if an internal or network timer is the cause.

What does "No Hit", "Response", "No Response" and "No Response - Assumed No Hit" mean?

No Hit = Any response that was received and resulted in a "no record."
Response = A hit or near hit is displayed with a hyperlink to the detail.
No Response = We have not yet received a response from the data service. Refresh (Refresh/Reload button on toolbar) the page again to see if a response has come in.
No Response - Assumed No Hit = If we do not receive a response from a data service and approximately 3 minutes has passed, refreshing (Refresh/Reload button on toolbar) the page will change a "No Response" to "No Response - Assumed No Hit." This is applicable to CIB and NCIC Responses only.

When I've tried to print a criminal history, it has a blue background that makes it impossible to read. What is going on? Is there a setting on my machine that should be changed?

On the Tools Bar, click on Internet Options and then on the "advanced" tab. There is a setting for Printing "print background colors and images." Be sure this is not selected or it will print the dark background.

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Advanced Search

Advanced search options allow you to search the DNR files using limited information and/or wildcards:
** A wildcard (*) is only allowed at the end of the name (example: Johns*)

  • Last name only
  • Last name only using a wildcard (*)
  • Last name with/without wildcard (*) + first name with/without wildcard (*)
  • Last name with/without wildcard (*) + date of birth
  • First name and/or Date of Birth only not allowed
  • Sex field is optional

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Future Enhancements

Triple I
Disabled Parking Permit Query

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